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3 août 2018

Fifty to T, my sister-in-law

She has an inner strength of 50 human beings, a way of being that charms you like 50 essences of perfumes, a love that overflows like a mosaic of 50 flowers. She did not need to take 50 paths or live 50 lives to be at the top of her 50s.

T my warm sister-in-law

She gives more than 50 when she has less than 50. She likes as if she had 50 hearts. She attends as if she had 50 bodies. She thinks as if she had 50 brains. She can, without count, take or give 50 units of her time to mother, assist, and heal a soul that is in sorrow.

T my gracious sister-in-law

She can take off and fly like 50 birds that initiate a transhumance, rise to 50 heights, go beyond 50 borders, cross 50 rivers and seas; one thing out of 50 is certain, her aura will always overwhelm me like 50 torrents and his halo will shine forever at the bottom of my heart as much as 50 stars.

T my beloved sister-in-law …

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Poetic, romantic, sensational, full of imagery.